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Seiko S063
Industrial Application
SEIKO S063 - Solar-Powered Decimal Stopwatch
» Specially designed for production control and performance analysis of various industrial activities
» Time displayed in decimal system units only (not in hours, minutes, seconds)
» Measures up to 99,999.9 DM in 0.1 DM
» Store and recall of up to 300 split/lap times
» Memory recall during operation
» Two row display with choice of split/total time, lap/total time and lap/running lap time
» Interval (dual countdown) timers with auto repeat function in decimal system
» Time and full auto calendar with alarm
» On/off confirmation sound
» Powered by solar battery
» Automatic shut-off function
» 5-bar water resistant

Suggested Retail Price: $179.00

Seiko S351
Media Application
SEIKO S351 - Stopwatch & Multi-Media Producer
» Specialty timer for audio/video production environments
» Automatically calculates many common tasks such as intro, backtime, etc.
» Hours, minutes, seconds displayed
» Selectable between 12 & 24 hour
» Time calculators: results stored for use in stopwatch and timer functions
» Measures to 100 hrs with 1 second resolution
» Counts up to or down from up to 99 hrs., 59 min., 59 sec.
» Countdown timer
» Elapsed time
» Silent operation
» Battery life indicator
» Split mode
» Read an industry review! Digital Video Editing reviews the S351
» Click Here for S351 Instructions! (PDF Document; requires Adobe Reader)

Suggested Retail Price: $285.00

Seiko DM51 SEIKO DM51 - Metronome
» The ideal tool for monitoring cadence for both runners and walkers
» Tempo range of 30-250 beats per minute
» Loud tone with four level adjustable volume control
» Red flashing LED tempo indicator
» Memory function saves desired settings
» Easily clips on waistband, shirt or shoe
» Includes long-life 2025 lithium battery

Suggested Retail Price: $34.95


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